There could be fake loans in your name. Here’s how you can protect yourself. Read More ...

Credit score talk with OneScore, powered by Moneycontrol

About the initiative

Knowing and tracking your credit score is now more important than ever. Towards this endeavour, OneScore - a tech powered platform (app), in partnership with Moneycontrol has launched an educative initiative called #ScoreDekhaKya.

What is a credit score? Where can you find yours? Why is it necessary to check your credit score regularly? This initiative answers all these questions and more.

It’s time for all of us to ask, not just once but regularly, ‘Score Dekha Kya?’


Decoding The Credit Score with OneScore

What is a credit score? Why is it important? Where do I find mine? Presenting Decoding The Credit Score with OneScore, the first of the Masterclass series aimed at explaining credit score.

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There could be fake loans in your name. Here’s how you can protect yourself

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Scores

About OneScore

We’re a fast growing fintech startup based in Pune. In June 2019, we launched OneScore, an app to check and monitor credit scores for free. It is the only app in India that helps consumers improve their credit score via an AI-based score planner. And rest assured we don’t do ads or spam you.

Financial services have forgotten their most important stakeholder - You. In this complex and opaque world, we at First Principles Labs, are breaking down complexity & rebuilding tech, powered by empathy. Click here to know more

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