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Create a world where healthcare has no limits
Dec 22 | 3:00 PM

From being a laggard in tech adoption, India’s healthcare sector is digitizing and innovating at an accelerated pace. Credit it to the glaring healthcare gaps underlined by the pandemic, increasing internet and smartphone penetration, and government initiatives like National Digital Health Mission and Make in India, we are witnessing a seismic shift in the way we perceive and receive healthcare. Consequently, with technology penetrating the farthest reaches of the country, patients in rural and remotest geographies are now able to access affordable and quality healthcare.
New-age technologies like AI and robotics are also improving accuracy, enabling precise diagnosis and remote treatment. Addressing the tectonic shift that India’s healthcare sector is currently embracing, GE Healthcare’s NEW HORAIZON 2.0 webinar will focus on how India can emerge as a global hub for manufacturing of medical devices, and how health tech inevitably optimizes the healthcare practice, enhances patient-doctor communication and improves patient outcomes with precision at the core of care.

Time Description
15:00 - 15:05 Welcome Note
15:05 - 15:45 The Vision: India as the Global MedTech Hub
The session will focus on how India can emerge as a global hub for the manufacturing of medical devices
15:45 - 15:50 Break
15:50 - 16:30 Future ready with Precision Healthcare
Through this discussion, we aim to probe the minds of industry leaders to learn how technology can help India’s healthcare ecosystem towards precision care.
16:30 - 16:35 Session Wrap