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currency iost/inr 13.08% ₹1.48
currency dent/inr 18.18% ₹0.093
currency hot/inr 25.68% ₹0.229
currency usdt/inr 0.88% ₹81.09
currency wrx/inr 27.02% ₹19.68
currency matic/inr 26.00% ₹56.801
currency bch/inr 44.98% ₹17862.0
currency bnb/inr 22.40% ₹24251.99
currency one/inr 36.47% ₹4.03
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currency uni/inr 17.50% ₹422.8
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currency ada/inr 29.19% ₹46.7548
currency atom/inr 28.63% ₹897.92
currency xlm/inr 15.98% ₹10.89
currency xem/inr 35.71% ₹4.199
currency zec/inr 21.38% ₹7816.79
currency busd/inr -1.34% ₹80.89
currency yfii/inr 11.35% ₹97253.01
currency doge/inr 19.59% ₹7.3948
currency dot/inr 28.26% ₹819.79
currency vet/inr 21.45% ₹2.65958
currency crv/inr 38.86% ₹125.0
currency ren/inr 27.00% ₹13.78
currency enj/inr 37.60% ₹58.545
currency mana/inr 39.88% ₹82.3999
currency hbar/inr 21.12% ₹8.13519
currency uma/inr 22.56% ₹233.97
currency chr/inr 25.47% ₹18.22
currency paxg/inr 1.39% ₹152641.0
currency 1inch/inr 11.23% ₹71.188
currency etc/inr 13.84% ₹1690.163
currency uft/inr 24.30% ₹9.85
currency dock/inr 27.35% ₹1.463
currency fil/inr 15.79% ₹744.29
currency win/inr 8.70% ₹0.0125
currency tko/inr 40.10% ₹29.42
currency push/inr 43.87% ₹38.499
currency avax/inr 24.60% ₹2884.976
currency xvg/inr 25.60% ₹0.4146
currency sc/inr 26.29% ₹0.3905
currency ftt/inr 9.52% ₹2651.0
currency dgb/inr 38.46% ₹1.09
currency cvc/inr 55.51% ₹12.99
currency cake/inr 17.19% ₹377.0
currency ez/inr 32.95% ₹51.95
currency ftm/inr 43.33% ₹30.9
currency hnt/inr 35.48% ₹843.99
currency ark/inr 22.50% ₹37.0
currency ctsi/inr 31.16% ₹16.493
currency kmd/inr 24.64% ₹20.269
currency sol/inr 15.07% ₹4088.88
currency coti/inr 29.69% ₹9.761
currency iotx/inr 27.61% ₹2.429
currency shib/inr 24.02% ₹0.001048
currency rlc/inr 94.20% ₹70.99
currency trb/inr 27.95% ₹996.99
currency reef/inr 29.53% ₹0.3698
currency icp/inr 13.83% ₹632.84
currency ont/inr 41.75% ₹22.0
currency ckb/inr 25.56% ₹0.4019
currency pnt/inr 30.77% ₹17.998
currency xvs/inr 32.16% ₹371.03
currency vite/inr 24.63% ₹1.7447
currency dcr/inr 28.96% ₹3050.0
currency mdx/inr 8.95% ₹7.55
currency pha/inr 22.47% ₹9.879
currency rune/inr 22.36% ₹277.97
currency ogn/inr 28.59% ₹17.9
currency mir/inr -1.40% ₹23.24
currency data/inr 38.80% ₹2.37
currency ksm/inr 10.25% ₹7000.0
currency nkn/inr 22.25% ₹7.2002
currency bal/inr 16.24% ₹988.0
currency dnt/inr 23.52% ₹3.6172
currency snx/inr 22.05% ₹238.0
currency axs/inr -3.33% ₹1777.47
currency celr/inr 28.42% ₹1.3349
currency alpha/inr 44.66% ₹14.46
currency comp/inr 5.02% ₹6599.0
currency alice/inr 30.16% ₹213.99
currency egld/inr 18.13% ₹7123.01
currency sand/inr 21.21% ₹111.21136
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currency alpaca/inr 23.60% ₹26.16
currency xec/inr 52.89% ₹0.0035
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currency stpt/inr 39.29% ₹3.89
currency rose/inr 27.38% ₹6.34
currency slp/inr 9.11% ₹0.429
currency cocos/inr 67.32% ₹65.5
currency ar/inr 23.82% ₹1279.99
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currency mkr/inr 22.54% ₹125875.98
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currency gala/inr 63.17% ₹7.8003
currency tlm/inr 32.43% ₹2.896
currency ens/inr 28.80% ₹809.8
currency ctxc/inr 21.89% ₹9.499
currency mbox/inr 29.11% ₹88.97
currency quick/inr 19.44% ₹6450.0
currency ooki/inr 16.54% ₹0.2684
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currency ardr/inr 14.79% ₹8.39
currency grt/inr 17.89% ₹13.9
currency bttc/inr 13.42% ₹0.0000939
currency cream/inr 45.32% ₹1600.0
currency bico/inr 19.22% ₹36.38
currency spell/inr 28.73% ₹0.1149
currency qnt/inr -1.88% ₹6579.0
currency dusk/inr 32.62% ₹13.369
currency jasmy/inr 21.12% ₹0.866
currency tfuel/inr 32.71% ₹6.6965
currency knc/inr 29.00% ₹129.0
currency dodo/inr 13.87% ₹13.57
currency ach/inr 40.00% ₹1.04
currency idex/inr 37.40% ₹3.9821
currency celo/inr 18.66% ₹131.31
currency bake/inr 24.07% ₹22.94
currency neo/inr 23.91% ₹929.0
currency ape/inr 54.15% ₹740.0
currency oxt/inr 39.11% ₹10.99
currency nas/inr 3.50% ₹7.999
currency ltc/inr 22.71% ₹5570.09
currency dash/inr 27.48% ₹4999.0
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About the initiative

Cryptocurrency is emerging as one of the popular digital assets to invest in and ‘crypto-enthusiasts’ are looking for credible information on crypto and willing to track and invest on a safe and secure trading platform.

To help investors with in-depth knowledge about crypto and trade effortlessly, Moneycontrol and WazirX have partnered to launch ‘Cryptocontrol’, a one-stop destination that will have engaging discussions, well-researched articles, and thought-leadership on crypto. Stay Tuned!


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How to Buy LUNA (Terra) in India

As demand for scalability and eco-friendly practices increases, coins like LUNA become sought after; read on to find out where to buy LUNA.

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Top Crypto Games to Watch in 2022

NFT games are a new and exciting way to play and invest in games. Unlike most other games, in which you purchase a license to play a game, here you own a piece of the game itself.

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Biconomy’s pitch in making Web3 more usable and interoperable

DApps are fun but complicated – it can be a nightmare handling blockchain transactions. Users often end up paying gas at every step of the transaction and take a lot of time to move their precious funds to multiple chains.

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Union Budget 2022: India’s Baby Steps On Crypto Regulation?

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the union budget in Parliament on 1st February 2022.The first-ever paperless budget proposes several initiatives, including the new crypto tax that could be considered the next step towards digitization and embracing the upcoming era of web3-powered digital evolution.

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EPNS: The Gamechanger Protocol For Enabling Wallet-to-Wallet Communication & Notifications

EPNS sits beautifully to transform the Web 3.0 scenario, resting the power of notifications with the end users themselves, and making it highly customizable.

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The Journey of Cryptocurrencies in India

The journey of cryptocurrencies in India hasn’t been short of a roller-coaster ride. From facing a ban to now being on the verge of strict regulations, the virtual asset has faced a series of threats. Despite uncertainty around the future of cryptocurrencies in India, investments in the unregulated digital asset, especially Bitcoin, has shown a breathtaking upward trend since 2020.

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How to Buy Dogecoin in India?

Dogecoin rode through volatility ahead of the Cryptocurrency Bill due to be introduced in the ongoing winter session of the Parliament.The correction, however, has proved to be an entry point for a range of Dogecoin investors. While the naysayers are of the opinion that the government could announce a ban on private digital currencies, such as Dogecoin, cryptocurrency enthusiasts view regulations positively.

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Transparency and Web 3.0: Everything you need to know

The internet is perhaps the most important technological revolution in the history of humanity, and even though the industry has evolved quite a lot since its inception, it’s still relatively new and in need of constant, significant improvements.

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Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know

Last week saw Bitcoin’s much-awaited Taproot upgrade going live on block 709,632 on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is the first Bitcoin upgrade in four years after the SegWit upgrade in 2017. The upgrade will add enhanced scalability, security

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Buying The Dip? Things to Keep in Mind

Post the spectacular run towards $69,000 on November 10, Bitcoin was back to testing its major support and resistance zones on November 16 when its price plummeted below $60,000 to as low as $58,600. The market has been flashing red ever since, with nearly every cryptocurrency in the top 20 seeing a significant dip.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, has had a multifold rise in its value since its inception in 2009. Just since the start of the year, it has shot up over 120%. While the asset class has had setbacks, digital currency has remained popular across the globe, so much so that the global central banks are now researching and mulling on ways to bring digital currencies into the mainstream.

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How to buy Shiba Inu in India

Meme-based cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, which seemed to have fallen from grace of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts earlier this year, might have made a comeback. Last week, the cryptocurrency with nearly $23 billion in market cap, logged an all-time high.

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis for Beginners

A good technical analyst of a stock or a commodity can make a lot of money for himself, but a good technical analyst of a cryptocurrency can shoot to fame and fortune in a very short time. Bitcoin is one such well-known cryptocurrency.To invest in it, you need to understand the technical analysis behind Bitcoin.

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How Blockchain can facilitate free and fair elections in India

India holds the world's biggest polling exercise using ballots and electronic voting machines (EVMs). India had 912 million eligible voters, 1 million polling booths operated by electoral officials of all States /Union Territories, and over 1 million polling booth officers in the 2019 general elections.

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This Diwali: Consider Digital Gold - Bitcoin

It’s been a while since the debate over whether Bitcoin can be called digital gold or not began. Further, aside from dubbing Bitcoin the ‘digital gold’, quite a few financial experts have also pointed out Bitcoin as basically a better alternative to gold.

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Crypto Trading Strategies You Need To Know

With renewed interest in cryptocurrencies amid higher regulatory glare and mainstream media coverage, trading in crypto has become more than just an enticing money-making gig.

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Ethereum Set to Soar!

Every time there is a conversation about cryptocurrencies, it is impossible to skip on Ethereum. Ethereum is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and comes second only to Bitcoin. However, despite that, people often seem to neglect this cryptocurrency giving more attention to its counterparts.

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How DeFi is revolutionizing the financial industry

In recent years, investments in cryptocurrencies have gained momentum all over the globe. With the massive rise in cryptocurrency investments, individuals and institutions are now beginning to explore decentralized finance (DeFi).  Let’s delve more into this emerging space.

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The Bull Run in the crypto market isn't over yet, here are 5 reasons why

People have started to speculate the end of crypto bull run due to recent dips. But the truth is, it isn’t over yet. Read on to know why.The crypto market has been on a bull run for a considerable portion of 2021 (no, we’re not ignoring the May crash). Although it has certainly seen some dips, one can be fairly assured that this bull isn’t going to hit a fence soon.

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How to read Crypto charts?

As cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance in several countries, interest in crypto investment is steadily mushrooming.Like technical charts that assist traders to pick equities and commodities, crypto charts are used to make better investment decisions while dealing with cryptos.

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What are the next killer apps on Blockchain?

Sometime in 2009, Facebook opened its APIs, which 3rd party developers access to the platform. What followed was a tsunami of apps that changed our lives forever. Games like Farmville were the poster boys of these apps leveraging the network effect and eventually powered Facebook to become an Internet behemoth.

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Understanding Ethereum

No surprises then, that Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, has exhibited some fairly explosive growth lately - more than 1,000% between 2020 and 2021. Its ecosystem has flourished with the vast majority of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and stablecoins operating on it.

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Guess which asset has grown 200% CAGR for the last 10 years?

One of the most common goals for people is to lead a life of financial freedom where they have sufficient funds to afford the lifestyle of their dreams and enough investments that allow them to live a stress-free retirement life.

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Here’s how you can safely invest in Cryptocurrency in India

The world of cryptocurrency which is just over a decade old is gaining steam in India.Even though the country is yet to formulate regulations for investing in cryptocurrency, there was almost a 20,000% increase (from $200 million to $40 billion) in crypto investments in India in the past year alone!

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The Necessity For Urgent Governmental Regulations on Crypto

Even as the Indian economy suffered from an economic crisis fueled by intermittent lockdowns due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the impact of the cryptocurrency boom was certainly felt throughout the nation.

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Moneycontrol makes tracking cryptocurrency easy through its association with WazirX

In association with WazirX, users will be able to easily track the listed cryptocurrencies on Moneycontrol; while simultaneously receiving real-time updates and daily news on cryptocurrency.

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A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency

One of the many greatest technological breakthroughs that have happened since the advent of the internet is the blockchain-backed cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has changed the game for investors and businesses around the world. Here are the basics of crypto and why you should invest in one.

Crypto Calculators



Cryptocurrency: A Tech Revolution That Will Reshape The Way Indians Invest

Moneycontrol’s Ruchiraa Sharma is in conversation with Aritra Sarkhel, Director Public Policy, Wazir X & Ajeet Khurana, Founder, Reflexical discussing the possible new way Indians will invest.


Regulations: A necessary and welcome move

Moneycontrol’s Karunya P is in conversation with Aritra Sarkhel, Director, Public Policy, WazirX & Rameesh Kailasam, President & CEO, discussing the regulations.


Metaverse & Gaming

Moneycontrol’s Karunya P is in conversation with Nischal Shetty CEO & Founder of Wazir X & Supreet Raju Co-Founder OneRare discussing the various aspects of Metaverse & Gaming.


Navigating Bulls and Bears of the Crypto Market

Moneycontrol’s Karunya P. is in conversation with Rajagopal Menon VP Marketing Wazir X & Praveen Kumar CEO & Founder Belfrics Group discussing the navigations required in the Crypto Market.


How can women invest in cryptocurrency for financial freedom

In conversation with Priyanka Sharma, Sr. marketing & comms & Tarusha Mittal, COO, co-founder, Oropocket.


Why do we need cryptocurrency?

Moneycontrol’s Karunya P. is in conversation with Siddharth Menon, co-founder & COO, WazirX delving into the nitty-gritty of investing in cryptocurrency and understand how do they work.


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