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  • News - invest ,HSBC MF

    Will L&T Mutual Fund’s acquisition inject fresh life into HSBC India MF? Its co-CEO weighs in

    In November 2022, HSBC Mutual Fund, one of the handful of foreign asset management companies in India, announced that its takeover of L&T mutual fund is complete. That made bigger news than any of its mutual fund scheme ever did in the past many years, as HSBC India mutual fund’s performance has been ordinary. But newly-appointed co-CEO, Kailash Kulkarni has plans to localize this foreign fund house and do business, the India way.

  • News - Tax ,mutual fund

    Union Budget 2023: Here are the AMFI wish list for the betterment of MF industry

    One of the demands if for uniform taxation of capital gains from mutual funds and Unit-Linked Insurance Plans issued by insurance companies

  • Column : As 2023 - investment ,invest

    Why mid and small-caps are poised for a good run in 2023

    The sharp decline in returns from small-cap funds over the past one year should not deter investors. A revival in the property cycle, consumer spending post-Covid-19 and a repair of household balance sheets is good news.